Teekanne Tea: Ginger-Lemon


R 98.00

Teekanne's Ginger-Lemon tea is a lively herbal blend of spicy ginger with refreshing lemongrass and lemon. A hint of lemon myrtle rounds up this all-natural and caffeine-free blend giving it an extraordinary and vitalizing taste.


Tags: Herbal Teas

Our ALL FROM ONE SOURCE Quality Concept

Finest Ingredients selected in the origin by our own experts.

Blend composition by our own Tea Tasters.

Quality Control of all ingredients in our German laboratory.


Ginger and lemon

Allergen Information

100% natural



Brewing Information

  • 100˚C
  • 1 Tea Bag per person
  • 200ml of water per person
  • 5 – 8 Minutes

*The above is based on an infusion brewed with 200 ml water

Storage Instructions

Store tea bags in a sealed container away from moisture and sunlight.