Fennel Seed


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Aids in :

  1. Appetite suppressant
  2. Colic
  3. Abdominal pain
  4.  Flatulence
  5. Increases lactation

Tags: Colic, Herbal

Fennel Seed

Fennel Seed has the following Benefits:

  • Helps Regulate Blood Pressure:

Fennel seeds are also a very rich source of potassium and since potassium is an essential component of cells and body fluids, it helps control your           heart rate and blood pressure.  

  • Reduce Water Retention :

Drinking fennel tea, regularly helps flush out excess fluids as it works as a diuretic.

  • Fennel Tea for Constipation, Indigestion, IBS & Bloating:The tea is considered very useful to help indigestion, bloating and constipation because of the oils found in these seeds.


  • Helps Purify Blood:The essential oils and fiberin these seeds are considered very useful to flush out toxins and sludge from our bodies, thus helping to cleanse the blood.


  • Improves Eyesight:A handful of these seeds could do wonders for your eyesight too.  Fennel seeds contain Vitamin A, which is important for eyesight.


  • Great for Acne: When fennel seeds are eaten on a regular basis, they provide the body with valuable minerals like zinc, calcium and selenium. These minerals are very helpful to balance hormones and in helping up the oxygen balance. When consumed, fennel has a cooling impact on the skin, hence giving a healthy glow.


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