Eye Cream


R 72.00

Eye Cream helps to keep the skin surrounding the eye supple and delays the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Tags: Creams, Skin, Skin Conditions




  • Beneficial for delaying the signs of aging
  • Beneficial for rejuvenation and elasticity of the skin
  • Helps protect the skin against dehydration
  • Helps maintain increased blood flow to the skin

Weight & Dimensions

Weight: 340g
Width: 25mm
Height: 110mm
Length: 40mm



  • Cleanse facial and eye area gently
  • Avoid the eye area when applying toner
  • Apply Eye Cream lightly with ring finger to the bony area around the eye without rubbing


The delicate skin surrounding the eye needs special care because the skin is thinner than the rest of the facial skin. It also retains less moisture. There are less oil glands, which contribute to potential dryness and there is no fatty layer beneath the skin to absorb shock. The result is that the skin easily loses its elasticity.