Solsulin Fibre - Plain


R 180.00

Solsulin Fibre is a support to DIABET ASSIST (assists in nutritional diabetes control). 

It is important to have secure post-prandial activity. This means to effectively stop the transference of a high proportion of sugars from natural foods across and into the bloodstream and to control excess food intake. Solsulin fibre thereby becomes a support to DIABET ASSIST. It aids weight control and does not interfere with mineral utilisation. It improves: glucose tolerance, reduces Hypoglycemia Rebound, and increases insulin sensitivity. Other support functions: ability to lower elevated cholesterol, and bowel-control (constipation and diarrhoea).

Tags: Constipation, Diarhoea, Digestive/Stomach Problems, Fibre, Fibre Foods, General Wellness, Spastic Colon

Pure Fibre, soluble and insoluble.

Cellulose USP 70%

Soy Fibre (20% oligosaccharides) inherent in the Soy Fibre structure.

Recommended Dosage

The average person is 10g short on their daily intake of fibre. Take 1x slightly rounded scoop twice daily 30mins before luncha nd dinner in a small amount of water. Fibre dissolves quickly.