BALANS Health Team

Jan Spoelstra
Executive Director

BSC Agric (Hons), Animal Production
Jan’s extensive experience (since 1982) in nutrition, also as a farmer, adds significant value to the operations of BALANS Health.

Bouke Spoelstra
Executive Director

Bouke’s experience in farming, entrepreneurship, sales, network marketing and business planning (since 2006) brings strategic and operational focus to BALANS’ operations. Additionally, and in concert with Lizelle, Bouke’s presence brings a multi-generational angle to the BALANS Health team.

Lizelle van der Merwe
Health shop manager and Public Relations

B.Com Law

The people of BALANS Health

BALANS has direct access to

  • nutritional scientists
  • lifestyle consultants
  • an institute of human metabonomics
  • knowledge of the latest in nutritional science
  • an extended and growing range of supplements and real food

BALANS Health Network Associates

Ilsabé Spoelstra Dietitians

Integral to the BALANS Way is it’s association with Ilsabé’s practice, international experts in nutrition. A benefit of this association is the access provided to BALANS on the latest:

  • international nutrition science
  • human metabonomics
  • cellular nutrition and bio-transformation

Specialists accessed through Ilsabé Spoelstra Dietitians:

Toxicologists, physicians/internists, surgeons, gastro-enterologists, center for human metabonomics, human genomics centres, etcetera

History – Striving for REAL since 1999

During 1999, Jan and Ilsabé Spoelstra founded the BALANS concept. They started keeping supplements and real food in Ilsabé’s rooms in Mediclinic Bloemfontein. Started supplying health shops, medical practices and hospitals. In 2011, a decision was taken to establish the BALANS concept outside of Ilsabé’s rooms, and in 2012 BALANS Gesondheidsentrum was opened in Brandwag Centre, Bloemfontein. 2016 saw a rebranding, to BALANS Health, with BALANS launching an online shop and new website.