How it all Began

Ilsabé Spoelstra is one of the most highly esteemed dieticians in Bloemfontein who opened her practice at Mediclinic Hospital in 1996. Jan Spoelstra is an agricultural specialist with extensive knowledge and experience in farming and nutrition. Together, Jan and Ilsabé founded the BALANS concept in 1999 by stocking and supplying supplements and healthy foods at Ilsabé’s consultancy space at Mediclinic. Over the years, the demand grew to the extent that they found themselves supplying their organic products to health shops, medical practices, and hospitals across the city. In 2011, a decision was made to take the BALANS concept beyond Ilsabé’s practice, and they opened BALANS Gesondheidsentrum in Brandwag Shopping Centre, Bloemfontein (2012).

With family at the heart of BALANS, their son, Bouke, took up his role as managing partner in 2015, shortly after which BALANS Health underwent further upgrades: branding reconstruction, the launch of their new website, foundations for e commerce platforms, and numerous social media marketing projects (2016).

The BALANS enterprise has grown from strength to strength over the years, and now comprises of two refined health stores (at Northridge Mall and Southern Centre), as well as their tasteful new online shop, all of which are operated from their hometown, Bloemfontein.

Our approach has always been to provide the public with an expert service, and integral to the BALANS way is its association with Ilsabé’s practice and other international experts in nutrition. With access to information on the latest advances in nutritional science, BALANS strives to put itself a step ahead of its competitors by coupling access to high-quality health products with expert nutritional advice.

Make no mistake, being professional does not mean unapproachable! We believe in being open, honest, and supportive and we genuinely care about the needs of our clients. We thrive on the positive testimonies we receive, as we continue to supply the public with an extended and growing range of supplements and organic food both online and at our physical outlets.

What distinguishes BALANS from other health stores is that we are part of an extensive support network of healthcare professionals that include (but are not limited to):

  • accredited dietitians
  • nutritional scientists
  • international experts in nutrition
  • lifestyle consultants
  • an institute for human metabonomics

Our close association with Ilsabé Spoelstra NutriHealth Dieticians affords us access to the latest in international and cellular nutrition, as well as bio-transformation.

Specialists within Ilsabé Spoelstra Dieticians service network include:

  • toxicologists
  • physicians/internists
  • surgeons
  • gastro-enterologists
  • center for human metabonomics
  • human genomics centres

Balance. Family. Impact. Accessibility. Affordability.

We do not believe in taking shortcuts. A balanced and healthy lifestyle takes effort, understanding, and practice. And good nutrition starts at home! We hope to see families become conscious consumers who put their health, and the health of their loved ones, first. We dream of seeing genuine and positive nutritional change across South Africa and ultimately the nations, as health-conscious families impact those around them. We also believe in going to extra lengths to make healthy living accessible and affordable. We understand that organic products can be expensive, so we try our best to offer high quality products at reasonable prices. And our online shop makes all of this available from the comfort and convenience of your home.


Jan Spoelstra

Jan Spoelstra

Founder | Executive Director

BSC Agric (Hons), Animal Production
Jan’s extensive experience (since 1982) in nutrition, also as a farmer, adds significant value to the operations of BALANS Health.

Bouke Spoelstra

Bouke Spoelstra

Founder | Executive Director

Bouke’s experience in farming, entrepreneurship, sales, network marketing and business planning (since 2006) brings strategic and operational focus to BALANS’ operations.

Employees/Team Members

Lizélle van der Merwe

Lizélle van der Merwe

Admin & Financial Manager
B.Com Law
“I am in charge of the supplier payments, administration, and general day-to-day running of the financials for Balans Health. My passion is working with numbers. I have come to love personal health and discovering new and healthy ways to care for myself and my family”.
Salomé Pretorius

Salomé Pretorius

Store Manager (Northridge Mall)
“This journey has taught me so much, and it feels like I will never stop learning. When I was offered the opportunity to join Balans Health in 2019, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. What I enjoy most is seeing how healthy choices truly transform peoples’ lives”.
Kayla Higgs

Kayla Lotz

Operations Manager
“To be honest, I was never a major health enthusiast…until I started working at Balans Health. As my eyes (and mind) have been opened to healthier food and lifestyle choices, my quality of life has gone from strength to strength. And I owe it all to Balans”.

Affiliated Dieticians

Ilsabe Spoelstra

Ilsabé Spoelstra

Head Dietician at NutriHealth

Ilsabé is a qualified dietician with over 40 years of experience in her field. She manages her own nutritional practice and consultancy at Mediclinic Hospital, Bloemfontein.

Chalise Henning

Chalise Henning

Dietician at NutriHealth

Chalise is a highly skilled and motivated dietician who believes in living the lifestyle she advises others to. She not only works alongside Ilsabé at her practice (Mediclinic Hospital, Bloemfontein) but also develops BALANS ready-made meals.