Welcome to BALANS Health!

Inspired by love. Supported by science.
Since 1999.

BALANS Health is part of a world-wide movement towards real health, life in abundance, healthy lifestyles, real food, natural goodness, and a balanced living.

The BALANS Health Way, then, is

  • to inspire ourselves, and you, our fellow seekers, to search and keep searching. Wherever we are in life, to seek and learn about what is most natural in our environment to anchor our lifestyle and diet, and
  • if we are unable to find what our bodies need from these sources, to supplement only with what has been prepared scientifically for our individual needs (#GuessWorkMustFall), and
  • thereby helping us restore the balance a healthy body requires

BALANS Health partners with you on your journey. Lekker, good quality food. Empowering you & your loved ones to take control of your nutrition. Break free from toxic external influences. Discover or rediscover the joy of a resilient, youthful body, mind and spirit.


“I now have energy on tap after having been declared medically unfit for work.”

“How wonderful. My digestive system works for the first time in 60 years.”

“Had I met BALANS Health a year earlier, I would’ve kept my job.”

“I live a normal, free life, without having to fear the bathroom scale.”